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Store Address


294-4, Nishikimachi, Tobetsu-cho Ishikari-gun, Hokkaido, 061-0226, Japan

I am Proud of

Our egetable ommelier upervision

Almost all of our vegetables are sourced locally from Tobetsu Town. We stock local, seasonal produce in the freshest condition.

We want to take the produce carefully raised by local farmers and turn it into the best cuisine possible. We also want all those who come to Tobetsu Town to know that the local produce here is delicious. With these things in mind, I decided to obtain my vegetable sommelier certification.

We make the most of the flavors of each ingredient through the skilled hand of a professional chef and vegetable sommelier with 20 years of experience.

I am Proud of

Artisanal Handmade Soba

Our soba is handmade by a soba artisan. Good base ingredients are important for truly delicious cuisine. In order to provide only the best soba every day for our customers, we use additive-free buckwheat flour locally sourced from Tobetsu Town and carefully create all of our soba noodles by hand.

Our dashi soup stock and sauce use absolutely no synthetic seasonings. We are proud of our soba’s ingredients, safety, and the craft we use to make it.

I am Proud of

Our mottos here are “Food We Can Proudly Serve to Anyone” and “Food We Would Feed Our Own Children,” and we put a focus on quality ingredients so all our customers can partake of our food with peace of mind. We use only additive-free buckwheat flour and dashi soup stock with no synthetic seasonings. Our vegetables come from farmers who we personally know and trust.

Delicious Flavors and Peace of Mind

Offering the kinds of meals we would want to feed our own children.


Offering soup curry and soba using

local vegetables from here in obetsu own.

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